Washing Machine Repair - by Henry Burrows, entitled  Jasper And The Washing Machine

Does your washing machine need repair?

We feel your pain, the whole household quickly suffers when the washing machine breaks down - and if you have kids there's probably a sports kit crisis just around the corner!

The three top faults that mean you need to fix your washing machine are:

  1. The spin cycle won’t spin
  2. The machine won’t fill
  3. No lights on the ‘dashboard’ – your machine just won’t talk to you

Faults are either mechanical or electrical in nature and we can diagnose your washing machine fault quickly so that we can fix it fast  – saving you time and money.

What can make washing machines need repair more than other whiteware?

It's really the mix of water and electricity. All it takes is one seal or tube to have a small problem and suddenly your faithful labour saving device, and your household, have a big problem. Often these issues aren't fatal for your machine and, based on our conversation with you when you book your call out, we expect to be able to repair your washing machine to full working order.

Why Repair your washing machine

Repairing your washing machine is both more environmentally responsible and cheaper than buying new. So if you're in Christchurch and need your washing machine repaired get in touch on 03 366 1118 and we'll be round to fix it for you.

Worried about the cost to get it going again?

  • We understand it can be a worry which is why we keep you informed, and we work to get the repairs done as quickly as we can.

Call out fees

  • Talk to us about your location and questions, and we'll let you know how much it is likely to cost. Our terms are clearly stated when you book the repair, and while we’re there we’ll do a maintenance check so your machine stays in action longer.

We can save you money

Many issues can be fixed in the first hour. We do our best to do that, to get you up and running fast and we carry parts for many major brands in our vans.

 If it can’t be fixed in the first hour, we’ll give you a quote to fix it so you know what you’re up for.

Our fixes are guaranteed for 12 months on new parts & we stand by our repair with a 6 month workmanship guarantee.

Call us today – we’re waiting for your call - 03 366 1118

What our customers say:

We bought a refurbished F&P washing machine from Appliance Services 6 months ago and were impressed with the friendly helpful service at the time.

The water pump went on the same machine last weekend. We sent an email and received a phone call by 8.30am on Monday, repair person was at our house within a few hours and repaired the machine which is now good as new.

No charge as the machine had a one year warranty. So impressed with the response!

Everyone we have dealt with has been great. Would certainly recommend Appliance Services.

Bev & Steve Parker