Whether buying an appliance for your home or rental property, our second hand, overhauled and clearance range of whiteware will suit your needs and budget.

We have a full range of appliances: fridges, freezers, refrigerator / freezers, dish washers, stoves, hobs, ovens, washers and dryers.

If you are looking for quality second hand whiteware that includes a warranty, you have come to the right place. We list many of our items on Trademe so checkout our current listings.

Secondhand Whiteware

Secondhand, Overhauled or Clearance Items, our appliances will meet any need or budget.

Here you will find your next fridge, freezer, stove, oven, hob, dishwasher, washing machine or clothes dryer - we carry the whole range of whiteware for your appliance needs in Christchurch, backed up by a service team who know the whiteware we sell.

Appliance Showroom

Come visit us and find your next fridge, freezer or other whiteware appliance in our Christchurch showroom.

You can also check out some of our stock on TradeMe

Conveniently centrally located in Waltham, Christchurch.


12 Month Guarantee*

We are so confident in our skills, that we offer up to 12 months guarantee / warranty on our Overhauled Second hand whiteware, for your buying peace of mind, on of our standard range of appliances. *Even our very cheapest range still carries a three month warranty*

When you purchase your second hand whiteware from us, we'll give you a written warranty for it so you know exactly where you stand should anything go wrong.

FREE DELIVERY conditions apply

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Second Hand Fridges in the Appliance Services Shop in Christchurch

Second Hand Whiteware in the Appliance Services Shop in Christchurch

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