Tim Stockman kite boarding in the shore break

Who are Appliance Services?

Tim Stockman started Appliance Services at the age of 23 years after achieving the 'Advanced Trade Certificate' as an 'Electrical Appliance Service Technician'. His direction has always been to strive for excellence and give exceptional service...going to extra lengths for his clients is a normal part of everyday work for Tim and his team.

Now 27 years down the track... from humble beginnings working out of the garages at home for 9 years, employing and training employees & tradespeople along the way, we found we were bursting at the seams in more ways than one. Moving to our current Waltham location has been a long road since coming through the Christchurch's Earthquakes. Our new central location has been followed by solid growth with additions to key staff to help with the extra workload.

Tim's passion for extreme sports is reflected in his philosophy for his business, 'always strive to deliver a better customer experience', this is shared by his team.

We are the team who cares - we offer 'A-Grade Sales & Service for the wider Christchurch community.

You will always find someone who will listen to your enquiry and care about the outcome within the team at Appliance Services.

What our customers say:

I've just had very positive dealings with Tim and the Appliance Services team and am now the proud owner of a second hand new to me dishwasher that works beautifully. 

I didn't even realise they were in New Brighton.  

You provide a prompt, friendly and very reasonably priced service and I'll be recommending you to others.

Thanks guys.  

Michele McCormack