Fridge Freezer repair

Fridge or fridge/freezer not cooling?  

Don't wait until your food is spoiled, fridges need to be fixed fast to ensure food safety, and spoiled food can be more expensive to replace than the cost of fridge/freezer repair.

The most common cause of failure to cool the door being left open.  Sure, door seals can wear too, but in our experience it's often down to someone leaving the door open - just a crack.

When the door is open (or not sealing) air gets in and starts icing up your appliance - and then it stops working.

Not only that but ice expands as it gets colder, so much so that it can actually break plastic parts. 
Modern fridges have many plastic components such as fans, evaporators and water filters – they can all break due to expanding ice.


How to fix your broken fridge or freezer?

Give us a call (03 366 1118) and we'll come to you – fast.  We'll diagnose the problem, defrost the fridge if necessary and see if any parts are broken - or if the defrost element is faulty.  If that's faulty we'll replace it and you'll be up and running in no time.  While we're there of course we'll check the seals to make sure they're not letting air in.

If lack of cooling isn't the problem - we'll diagnose the issue and keep you informed about what's wrong and how we can fix it.

Likely Repair Costs

Appliance break downs can be stressful.  Don't worry, we understand.  Our technicians are highly skilled and we'll tell you exactly what's going on, what needs fixing, how long it will take, and what it's likely to cost.

We carry many parts with us so we'll do our best to replace any broken parts while we’re there which saves time and money.

Remember – always shut the door properly on your fridge or fridge freezer - keep your food safe and your family healthy.

Call out fees

  • Talk to us about your location and questions, and we'll let you know how much it is likely to cost. Our terms are clearly stated when you book the repair, and while we’re there we’ll do a maintenance check so your machine stays in action longer.

We can save you money

Many issues can be fixed in the first hour. We do our best to do that, to get you up and running fast and we carry parts for many major brands in our vans.

 If it can’t be fixed in the first hour, we’ll give you a quote to fix it so you know what you’re up for.

Our fixes are guaranteed for 12 months on new parts & we stand by our repair with a 6 month workmanship guarantee.

Call us today – we’re waiting for your call - 03 366 1118


What our customers say:

Friendly helpful team, great service.

CJ Mills