Clothes DryerGet Your Dryer Repaired in Christchurch

Dryers are one of the simplest items of whiteware in your home. They generate hot air, they send it through your clothes as it spins and they expel the wet hot air out of a vent. They generally have two heat settings, a timer and that's about it.

But when they go wrong it can be serious and there are some key things you need to do to keep your dryer functioning and safe.

  • Clean the lint filter regularly. Clothes dryers build up a great deal of fluff and you should always start a load with a clean lint filter. This should be a quick and easy job, depending on the design of your dryer. The filter is often at the back of the drum your clothes are in and can be easily snapped in & out of place for cleaning. Keeping it clean greatly reduces fire risk and means your dryer is operating as efficiently as it can, this in turn decreases running costs and extends the lifetime of the motor and moving parts.
  • Keep the vent clean. Over time your vent will build up a volume of lint that made it through the filter. Cleaning this out makes reduces the stress on your dryer, extending it's life and reducing your running costs.
  • Keep the insides clean. The lint that doesn't get caught in the lint filter, and that doesn't make it into the vent system ends up inside your dryer and can build up around the motor and other moving parts. Over time this can become a serious issue and can lead to fires. We don't recommend servicing this yourself as you need to ensure the drum is safely removed so that no harm comes to the fragile plastic parts, the motor or any other part of the mechanism - we can do this for you and it is highly likely to save you money if we do.
    Correct re-alignment and re-assembly is vital  to the correct functioning & safety of the machine - you MUST get it right. Fire is a likely consequence of an incorrect re-build.

So, if your dryer needs a fix then give us a call on 03 366 1118 and we'll be over to repair it for you.

Call out fees

  • Talk to us about your location and questions, and we'll let you know how much it is likely to cost. Our terms are clearly stated when you book the repair, and while we’re there we’ll do a maintenance check so your machine stays in action longer.

We can save you money

Many issues can be fixed in the first hour. We do our best to do that, to get you up and running fast and we carry parts for many major brands in our vans.

 If it can’t be fixed in the first hour, we’ll give you a quote to fix it so you know what you’re up for.

Our fixes are guaranteed for 12 months on new parts & we stand by our repair with a 6 month workmanship guarantee.

Call us today – we’re waiting for your call - 03 366 1118


What our customers say:

Another local business I am impressed with: Appliance Services in the NB Mall. 

When I called them up the friendly admin lady didn't muck around and stated very clearly what their pricing looks like.  So I knew what to expect. 

And then she asked: "Would you like someone to come round today or tomorrow?" Ah, music to my ears. 

When delightful Tim Stockman then came round to check out the problem with our washing machine he figured out an easy way I could deal with the issue. 

I don't know why I spent years of being annoyed with that frickin' machine....

Frauke John